Paul Epstein

LA based author and keynote speaker. Paul Epstein initially needed assistance growing his digital footprint, while preparing for his first book launch.


Paul Epstein became the go-to fixer for NBA teams, NFL franchises, and league executive offices because he’s mastered the come-from-behind win. He recognizes that victory comes from the inside, and requires an All-In culture empowered by a growth mindset and a belief that we all have unlimited potential – when we double down on our strengths, gifts, talents, and passions.

What we've done

1. Redesigned personal website and built Purpose Labs (consultancy) website

2. Developed a robust social media strategy

3. Crafted bi-weekly email campaigns

4. Created all sales and marketing materials

5. Established podcast growth strategy

Paul Epstein Website

Largest Win

— Helped Paul become a #1 bestseller for his initial book release "The Power of Playing Offense"

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